Stress & Hair Loss

Stress and Hair lossStress has become synonymous in the life of every individual. The magnitude of stress encountered by a person has increased in the recent past. Just think about the plight of a person who had lost his/her job. It’s hard to even imagine such kind of a situation, and situation of this kind causes emotional disturbance and can bring down the morale of a person.  Very much true. The consequential effect of stress is really annoying. In some, it can trigger rapid weight loss, whereas in others it can trigger hair loss too. Off late, people affected of stress have begun to complain about hair loss. To sum up, the adverse effects of stress are harrowing in nature. In fact, this consequential effect of stress makes people to worry about it, thus triggering the stress impulses, subsequently leading to unbearable levels of stress.

Why does stress trigger hair loss?

Hair loss due to intense stress is referred to as Telogen Effluvium. According to experts, hair loss due to stress is a temporary phenomenon and hair growth gets restored to its normal phase upon six months after the occurrence of the stressful event. But, then it’s not the case in all body types. In some individuals, the extent of hair loss would be unprecedented and can create bald portions in the head. And, this is referred to as male pattern baldness.

The actual cause is that, at stressful instances, there is an abundant release of a hormone called adrenaline. In fact, this hormone triggers signals to the hair follicles thereby pushing them to a resting phase. During this phase, there is no scope for new hair growth. And, if at all there is a growth it happens to be uneven in nature with less hair on the surface of the head. Generally, hair follicles remains in the resting phase for about three months. This resting phase is known by the term Telogen.

Treating stress-related hair loss

The first step to treat stress-related hair loss is by bringing down the stress levels. Individuals should figure out the highly successful stress busting methods, and lessen the impact of stress in the body. It is better advised to pursue one’s own interest at highly stressful situations by undertaking exercise, while away the time with friends, and indulging in any interesting activity. Consuming medications for stress and hair loss at the same time is not at all favorable. However, stress conditions that are severe in nature can only be controlled through medications by seeking the help of a professional.

Hair loss due to extreme levels of stress can be controlled with the help of hair loss pills. Despite the presence of many hair loss pills in the market, there is only one hair loss pill that is found to be effective in the recent time. And, that is Propecia. The medication is also identified by its generic name Finasteride.

What is Finasteride?

Finasteride is a hair loss pill that obstructs the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) by blocking the enzyme 5 alpha reductase. Indeed, this action is responsible for bringing down the severity of hair loss. Individuals can buy Finasteride online in the dosage strength of 1mg and can take the pill once in a day. To experience sustained benefit, the medication has to be taken for a period of 12 months. Finasteride tablets are octagonal shaped. Before buying the medication, ascertain the medicinal imprints of the medicine, and only upon ensuring the authenticity proceed ahead in purchasing the pill. Don’t try to overdose the pill at instances when you feel that there is no drastic decrease in the hair fall. Store the hair loss pill in a closed container and keep it away from moisture.